Video Services

Video Depositions
Capture high quality video and audio of witness testimonies

Precisely synchronize video with transcript and exhibits

Video Wills
Videotape wills and living wills

Video editing

Media Duplication and coversion
Audio and Video duplication services

Standard Rates

Video Deposition — $85 per hour
Minimum of two hours. Billing begins at setup and ends at the conclusion of the proceeding.

Outside of Greater Sacramento Area. Standard Mileage rates apply.

Master Copy & Rentention — $10 per master copy
We retain all video depositions for a minimum of 7 years as the code requires. All video is backed up at a secure facility.

Copy Production (Any Format) — $30 per Video Hour

Media Duplication and Conversion — $30 per Recorded Hour

Synchronization of Video to Transcript — $35 per Video Hour

Editing — $80 per hour

Mock Trial, Lecture & Event Recording — $80 per hour
Minimum of two hours.

Trial Presentation — $80 per hour/ $500 full day